Dear JOEBEES® family-

Happy Holidays - What a great time of the year! Nothing beats the spirit of giving, and
nothing exemplifies this like the holiday season. Giving to others both energizes and
inspires us!  Giving is the greatest gift of all and provides a warm feeling inside.

Giving gifts to the people we love brings true happiness… whether we are out celebrating
or at someone’s holiday party with family and friends, we always bring the gifts of love and
of good times of just being together… and I just love this time of the year!  I want to give
you my JOEBEES® special…the gift of good health!

JOEBEES® The Spirit of Giving Special!

Holiday entertaining is so much fun.  A festive, wonderful atmosphere is in the air! Folks
are coming over to enjoy holiday activities, watch football,  and we prepare great food
and drink. We are shopping, socializing, and volunteering – the giving of our time, in
the holiday spirit. It makes us feel happy and it feels so good!  We are baking holiday
treats… goodies to share with our friends and family…this warms the heart in the spirit of

JOEBEES® The Spirit of Giving Special!

This year, when you are by the fire celebrating with your family, please take a minute to
think about how grateful you are and just how good you feel giving to others and giving
to those less fortunate.  Once again, and as always.. I am so grateful for you and what
we have built together. We are a family that enjoys working at feeling good and trying to
make others feel good too.  The reward for this is off the charts everyday…the feeling is
the best….and we bring happiness to those around us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you… i wish you a happy, safe and healthy holiday season
and the very best of luck in the new year.

Seasons greetings..feel great and attack life!

-Joe B

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