Dear JOEBEES® Family,

This holiday season presents us with a wonderful opportunity to give. This
is our favorite time of the year…the time to give! Nothing beats the
feeling you get from helping and giving to other people besides yourself.

“It is better to give than to receive…”

Receiving beautifully wrapped gifts is something that everyone enjoys…
but think about how much better you feel when you give to someone
else?  There is a simple joy to give yourself freely to family, friends and to
folks who you may not even know (but who are less fortunate than
us), through charities.

The whole JOEBEES® family is about feeling good and nothing makes
you feel better than giving to others this time of year.  I would like to
humbly offer you my special for the holidays and the upcoming new year!

JOEBEES® Joe Bees little helpers’ special

My dear departed father-in-law Earl, who was my mentor, brother and
good friend once told me; “You give till it hurts, then you give a little

Each year around this time our families pick several charities
which help folks of all walks of life, animals and especially children that
need a little help with different challenges they are presented with.. and
we give to them with full hearts this holiday season.

Nothing has ever felt better and we have taught our children just what it
means to give to others also.

JOEBEES® Joe Bees little helpers’ special

Words can never express my thanks to ALL of you for making this year
the most successful in my company’s history.  You are truly my extended
JOEBEES® family.

The emails you send about all of your own successes
warm my heart, make me so happy and feel blessed to be a part of your
lives.  Please keep up the good work and take care of yourselves and
help your friends and family in any way that you can.

Thank goodness for my little helpers…the bees who bring you my 100%
natural JOEBEES®.

JOEBEES® Joe Bees little helpers’ special

Please celebrate this season with love in your heart, enjoying events,
feasts, and parties, always keeping others in mind who are less fortunate.

The JOEBEES® lifestyle is all about taking care of yourself and those around
you. Wishing you all the best of luck in reaching your goals and living
your dreams in the new year.

My up-most thanks to every one of you for helping me to live my dream each
and every day! May you be so lucky to do the same.

Feel great and attack life!!

-Joe B

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