Dear JOEBEES® family,

Tomorrow night is the Fall Harvest Moon!  Back many years ago, this full moon provided much needed light
for farmers to continue harvesting their crops well into the evening.   Harvesting the new crops, which grew
from the previous year was a fall celebration in culmination of their hard work.

Fall represents many good times from football season to Halloween and Thanksgiving. It means hot donuts
and homemade apple cider. Apple pies in the oven and good homemade soups on the stove. The leaves are
changing to create one of the most beautiful times of the year!

To celebrate this wonderful time, I want to offer you my killer JOEBEES® special!!!

JOEBEES® Harvest Moon Celebration Special

This past summer, while away at a conference, I went running first thing in the morning. It was glorious, a perfectly
clear summer morning, nothing could go wrong. I felt like I was 18 years old again, so strong.  Then almost on cue,
I heard a loud click in my knee and that was it, I was in pain and could not move my right leg.

Wow, I knew I did some harm and probably injured myself, but somehow I continued on.  Needless to say, it was a
very tough trip back home.  I wound up at the doctor and then in surgery two weeks later (to repair a torn meniscus
in my right knee).

Thankfully, I am on the mend and I realize how grateful I am for everything, especially the ability to bounce back
after a totally unforeseen injury. We are all strong and continue to work to overcome adversity….nothing
will hold us down!

JOEBEES® Harvest Moon Celebration Special

The JOEBEES® family continues to grow across America.  Thank you so much for spreading the word and helping
your friends and family feel better too, by telling them about JOEBEES®.

I am ecstatic that JOEBEES® has helped so many others to feel good and enhance their enjoyment of life. You are a
member of my family and I am always available to you to help any time, this is my life’s dream and my business.

I am interested in your life, your health, and your happiness.  Please never hesitate to contact me…I hope to help.

Finally, please try to help someone today…it will make you happy.
Very best of health and happiness this Fall and all year long.

A big thank you!

Feel great and attack life!

- Joe B

JOEBEES® Harvest Moon Celebration Special

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