This is our very favorite time of the entire year!  We just love sharing fun and good times with family and friends…. and what a festive happy time to do so..parties, shopping, cooking, baking….families are gathering together.
We are active and so energized by the holiday season and this feels great!!
As my thank you for the best year ever, for both me and JOEBEES, I give you my Activation Generation special!!

Last weekend, I visited one of our great American cities, New Orleans, for a friends daughter’s wedding.  I brought my running gear and at daybreak I went out to run on the cobbled streets in New Orleans’s famous French Quarter.
I was so excited and invigorated to run in this very cool and storied section of town, that I started to run with the wind!  After I had gone less than my first mile, I hit a bad stone and flew….I landed on my knee and hands and was stunned for a second.
A man, who seemed to be walking to work, stopped and asked me if I was alright? I said thanks I was fine, but my knee was bloodied and my wrists were hurting bad.
I got up, straightened myself out and proceeded to have one of my best runs of my life!!
This was because I kept on going, no matter what…this is what we are all about…we will keep going and going…and it only gets better!!

I am so grateful to each and everyone one of you, my JOEBEES family, you have helped make my life a dream.  The testimonials and beautiful emails you send me make me realize just how lucky I am to be able to help so many feel so good….and it’s all you!!
My JOEBEES is just the catalyst, you have done all the work Craig!

Please enjoy the healthiest, safest, happiest holiday season ever!! I am always available to you if I may help out or encourage you at any time.
What ever you celebrate, please have the very best of.  You have inspired me JOEBEES family….thanks for everything you do.

Feel great and attack life!!
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