Dear JOEBEES Family,

It’s that time again…Spring has sprung!   We set our clocks forward…more daylight
to play hard and work hard!  This past winter has been especially tough and we are
looking forward to a wonderful summer-time together!!.

We love to be outside at the beach and on the fields….walking, running, climbing,
swimming and playing ball…having fun with family and friends.  We can’t wait for
cooking-out and picnicking… what a great time of the year!   As a bonus to
celebrate these killer times, I am running my JOEBEES Special!!

There are absolutely no guarantees in life, for this very reason I am an advocate for
living life to it’s fullest each and every day.  To love and respect each other is one of
the greatest feelings we can have.  Helping other people tops everything we
do…please try to make someone else feel good…it will make you feel so good.

When I started out spreading the message of JOEBEES’ simple nutrition I had no
idea what would happen to me…I discovered something that changed my life and
hopefully the lives of tens of thousands; “helping other people is life’s very best currency.”

“The Rules for Being Human” …(author unknown) was passed on to me by the wife
of a dear departed friend who I greatly admired.

…When you were born, you didn’t come with an owner’s manual…here are just a
few guidelines that may make life work better.

…..You will receive a body.  You may like it or hate it, but it is the only thing you are
sure to keep for the rest of your life.  It’s up to you how you treat it and  how you
take care of it.
….There is no better place than here!

…Your answers lie inside of you.  All you need to do is look listen and trust.

I guess by now you realize that JOEBEES is so much more than just a brand to me,
it is a way of life and words cannot and will never describe just how totally grateful I
am to all of you!  In my travels and conversations I have discovered that JOEBEES
is all about feeling good and being grateful.

I am inspired by each and every one of you…you are sincerely my JOEBEES family.

You are vital members of our JOEBEES community of folks feeling good!  I am
always available if  I can ever help or just simply return the good vibrations that you
have all brought me.  I am so lucky and so blessed to be able to try to help folks feel
good.   Thanks for everything you do for each other!

Feel great and attack life every day!!
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