Dear JOEBEES® Family,

Thanks to all of my JOEBEES®  family that joined in our Summer of
Champions JOEBEES®   Special that was sent out yesterday.  Here’s a
Huge Thank You to all of you.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Special – please read below.

For all of my JOEBEES® family in northeast Ohio — this summer is the summer of
champions!!  That’s right …each and every one of you are champions, and now
everyone, no matter where you are from, will reap the JOEBEES’ special reward!!  This
is a long time dream come true and I am so happy for Cleveland… some of America’s
greatest sports fans…after years of suffering and never giving up on your teams.. you
have FINALLY been rewarded.

WOW what a celebration! Now, in your honor, here is the JOEBEES’® summer of
champions’ special!!

JOEBEES® Summer of Champions Special

I think we can learn a great lesson from our Cleveland JOEBEES®  family… the fans of
Cleveland have been loyal followers and supported their teams in both good times and
bad…they seem to never give up no matter how crazy the odds are or how difficult the
circumstances. They have always kept the faith and supported their teams.  This
impresses me… you are hardy folks who stick with your teams and your town…you
never give up… this is so positive…and wonderful!  Nothing beats loyalty…and
ultimately you always get rewarded for loyalty.

JOEBEES® Summer of Champions Special

Summer is a great time to enjoy family, friends and adventure.  Get out there and go for
it! Make it happen!! Jump in the pool, go horse back riding, or just hang out on the
beach. This is the time to play and play hard!  If you are able to, take a nice long drive
or maybe even a road trip.  Build a camp fire or cook-out….swing on a tire, feel young
again.  Get in a canoe and paddle or go fishing… and if you are lucky enough, go on
vacation…because all of these activities build awesome memories.  My fondest
memories as a child were during the summer…what a great season to build memories
which will last a lifetime!

JOEBEES® Summer of Champions Special

Finally… I would be totally remised if I didn’t thank you for the incredible out-pouring of
love and support when my best friend and sidekick Bentley was put to sleep last April
…I love you and I thank you, my JOEBEES®  family…  Have a safe, warm and beautiful
summer. From my heart to yours.

Feel great and attack life!!


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