I would like to thank you for making 2012, far and away, the greatest year ever for me and my JOEBEES brand!  I smashed all previous sales records and there are so, so many folks that have discovered the wonderful world of Joebees Free Range bee pollen nutrition, and not Without great thanks to many people like you!!
People are discovering what it may do for them and the most wonderful feeling there is; helping other people feel great too!!   Folks are now doing it the right way with 110% free range bee pollen.

I have received many calls, letters and emails this past year with incredible success stories. You all seem to accomplish so much when you feel good… and that has warmed my heart!  I am so lucky to have you all as my family!!

Now here we go…  I can’t wait for the new year. What a great time to clean the slate and start brand new once again!  At this time I feel inclined to offer you all, your friends and family The 2013 New Years Resolution Special!!

JOEBEES 2013 New Years Resolution Special

2013 is going to be our year!

Joebees family can accomplish anything and everything we set out to do and truly succeed!  I think that Joebees can be the catalyst to living a healthy,energized life – to feel good every morning and it is just awesome!!  I am always available to you, please don’t ever hesitate to contact me, I look forward to hearing from all of you…feel great and attack life in 2013!!

-Joe B

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