Dear JOEBEES® family-

It is hard to believe but the fall season is here!  The leaves turning to beautiful vibrant colors offers us one of the most picturesque settings for a life that is full of adventure, great times and super memories. Yes fall is JOEBEES® time… loaded with good heath and fall energy!  I remember as a young boy raking leaves endlessly, like it was yesterday, thinking that I would never finish, yet somehow I ended up here with all of you… my family!  I love hearing from each of you… I have been blessed to hear your success stories, happy stories and even some difficult ones, but thank goodness we have each other to share these experiences with.

JOEBEES® Beautiful turning of the fall leaves Special!

Recently I saw what empathy is – in action.  You have heard me endlessly say through the years,  repeating “helping other people is the best currency in life” and I truly wish that you all do things every day to make other folks feel good.

This is a quote from a Place for Mom…

“Empathy is… seeing with the eyes of another, listening with ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.”

In a busy hospital emergency room, under constant pressure, these professionals truly “walk the walk”. I saw empathy practiced by the doctors and nurses, who care for their patients busily, in a time of need, one after the other with no break.  It made me think… why can’t we all interact this way towards each other every day?

JOEBEES® Beautiful turning of the fall leaves Special!

I realized at my late stage in life just how important it is to help others, and any chance I can get, I do what I can to help and I never look back. My JOEBEES® family is responsible for teaching me to be empathetic to the needs of others and has made such a big impact on me, the way I perceive life, and the way I live it. It feels so good to wake up every day to the challenge of helping others feel good… every day is another day in paradise and I thank you for that!  You are all responsible for helping me try to be a better person each day and I am inspired.  I want to help you in return any way that I can.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to help improve your life through good 100% natural nutrition that makes you feel good!

JOEBEES® Beautiful turning of the fall leaves Special!

Please know that I support all of you and I would like to thank you for your awesome loyalty to my JOEBEES® brand.  May this fall season be full of wonderful memories, good heath and happiness to you and your families.  Thank you for taking the time to read my fall letter and for your love and support throughout the year. Here’s to a healthy and a happy fall!

Feel great and attack life!!

-Joe B

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