Dear JOEBEES® family,

“tis the season to be jolly!!”

It is Christmas season again everybody (or whichever holiday you celebrate), and we
at JOEBEES® want to celebrate with you!  Holiday season means all the parties, the
shopping, the lights and the beautiful decorations, the giving of love, the sharing of
laughter, and a nice toasty fire along with a creamy cup of peppermint hot chocolate!

Most folks have such wonderful memories of this joyous time of year and spirits are
sky high!  I am feeling extra jolly and I want to celebrate with my JOEBEES® family
an extra special special! I want you to have an additional gift from me personally, Joe B!

It feels so good to give during this wondrous time of the year …Please check this out!

JOEBEES® Extra Special Holiday Bonus

This time of year is very tough for some people due to many reasons. If you know someone
who feels lonely and down this time of year, please try to help them feel good. Cheer them up.
It will make you feel so good to give back.  Speaking of feeling good, I am beginning to “get
back on my game”.

After my knee injury I struggled for a quite a while and it became difficult but now my daily
workouts are getting stronger.  I have persisted slowly and now I am finally coming back!
During this wonderful season, try to feel good about yourself, too.  I hope this helps and I am
always available if I may ever help you out.

JOEBEES® Extra Special Holiday Bonus

The greatest part of being the founder and owner of JOEBEES® is you, my JOEBEES® extended
family.  Every single one of you, with no exception, has been so very kind to me.  I enjoy speaking
with you and striving to become a company that my JOEBEES® family will truly love and feel
comfortable being a part of. My company is for you and without you, there would be no JOEBEES®.

There is never any request too big or small!  Y’all are just truly awesome!  I never dreamed of all
the love and friendship that JOEBEES® would create and it has inspired all of us to do better, feel
better and bee better.

No matter what you celebrate (and I love them all) please be safe and enjoy your family and friends
this holiday season. Please give the gift of good health to your family and friends….

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa

…and a very healthy and happy new year!!

Feel great and attack life!!

With Much Love-
-Joe B

JOEBEES® Extra Special Holiday Bonus

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