Dear Family,

Here is the dictionary’s definition of Spring:
To rise, leap, move, or act suddenly  and swiftly, as by a sudden dart or thrust forward or  outward, or being suddenly released.
This is exactly what we are all about!!  Spring is finally breaking through and I want you all to be right there; ready to renew, refresh and spring forward!
Once again I want to thank you all with my spring-time JOEBEES “Spring is finally breaking through Special”…

As we all grow together, the trees will bud and the flowers will bloom….I want you to experience this great time of the year feeling glorious and healthy!!!  Please don’t skip a day of my JOEBEES’ golden capsules…  Please help as many others as you can to feel great too!
A key discovery that has helped me so much is this life is to get the proper amount of solid sleep that your body so desperately needs…please take the time to properly schedule sleep, it will make you feel so good!

Words con not possibly express my thanks to all of you for your kindness and support.  Every where I travel you have all been so warm and have exemplified just what family means…caring and helping others…
Very kindest regards to you {!firstname_fix}…Feel great and attack life!!
-Joe B

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