Dear JOEBEES® Family,

Every day that I wake up it is a celebration; Every day I ask you all to
join me in paradise but today is an extra special day…it is my 60th
birthday! There is no one I would rather celebrate with than all of you…
my JOEBEES® family!

I could have never dreamed that I would have such a large and awesome
family!  Here is my ‘Birthday Bash Special’ just for you!

JOEBEES® Birthday Bash Special

Recently, I heard a term used by the great young golfer, Jason Day,
upon winning the Match Play Championship.  He said all of his lifelong
work has led to “delayed gratification”.  That made me think…all of my
working life I have prepared for this one moment.. having a business
that has developed into so much more than just a business, it is a

I love helping my JOEBEES® family feel and look great…I have
never in my life had more fun!

A 60th birthday is a milestone for me to enjoy along with all of you.. it is
our delayed gratification!

JOEBEES® Birthday Bash Special

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you for your love and
support of myself and my great brand….this is truly the best present I
could ask for!  We have all worked together for so many years trying to
help others feel good…now please take a minute and enjoy all of the
great goals which we have accomplished together, while also looking
forward to the future.

Remember that with hard work… we too can continue to accomplish
delayed gratification!

JOEBEES® Birthday Bash Special

This day may be my best ever… knowing that together our long term
goal is to help others feel just as good as we do…

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything, not just today
but every day of the year!

Feel great and attack life


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