You can lose weight…step #1

Strap on your sneakers and let’s get ready to to feel great together!   It takes work to loose weight and feel great but if you are willing, you can make it happen!  Why would you want to put in the work to loose pounds?  Because when you feel and look great, it makes you happy!  ”Fitness is a journey, not a destination” Dr. Kenneth Cooper.   You will never finish (luckily), it continues as long as you live…   You will learn to love the journey, just as I love it!  To start your program, you need to have a regimen.  A regimen is daily and will become a habit (your best)  in just 21 days!  For the next 21 days (taking every forth day off to rebuild your bod) Exercise!  That’s right…exercise your body.  Walk, hike, climb, run, gym, swim, ride, play…anything but you must do something!  I like to get it done first thing in the morning, that way I don’t makes excuses to myself later on in the day.  You will feel so darn  good when you are through for the day!  Go head and begin to make it happen, you will be so happy you have started.  I will help to encourage you each morning on my twitter Joebees page…see y’all in the morning!  Stay tuned for step #2!

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