Dear JOEBEES® family,

Although it seemed like it would never arrive, Spring is finally here! What a great
season…winter, behind us and summer, right around the corner. It is time to
clean both our homes and our lives… time for a clean slate…. Let us all start anew!

JOEBEES® Spring Is Finally Here Special!

I would be remiss if I did not thank each and every one of you from the bottom of
my heart for all the love and sympathy that poured in when my mom passed
away last month…. but now she is finally at peace! Thank you for the love and
support, I consider you family and appreciate you all.

This spring we had a new member join our family…my daughter Casey’s new
puppy Baxter! We will start training and loving our newest member Baxter.

Please renew a relationship or perhaps welcome a family member in your
home….this will make you feel so good inside!

JOEBEES® Spring Is Finally Here Special!

As the trees are budding and the flowers begin to bloom… we are happy inside!
This is true, we bring our own happiness…and happiness lives inside us all, but it is
up to ourselves to bring it out. No matter what the season is or how difficult the
circumstance, happiness is inside of us and it is time to renew that feeling now.

We are here for each other and it is nice to be nice!

JOEBEES® Spring Is Finally Here Special!

I tell you this with every season in every JOEBEES® letter; I truly appreciate you and
I am so grateful for everyone in the JOEBEES® family! Thank you for making my
dream of having all of you as family come true and for the wonderful life we lead
and for the JOEBEES® lifestyle of friendship, happiness and hopefully good health.

We are lucky we get to live this life together and I know that we are here for each
other….thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Feel great and attack life!!

-Joe B

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