Bee Pollen Nutritional Information

Food derived from bees are nature’s true elixir for life. Generations of ancient people groups knew there was something amazing about bee nutrients. They may not have understood the science, but they realized that eating the substance made them feel well. Nutritionists have confirmed that there are many healthy ingredients in the pure substance made by bees. The founder of JOEBEES, Joe Blumenstein, discovered the key that changed his entire outlook and journey in life. Visit to learn about the huge mountains and valleys Joe has had to climb in his personal life story. He is fully devoted to helping others overcome their own challenges and really live life full of passionate energy.

There is an old saying, you are what you eat. Joe B. reasoned if that were true for people, what about bees? What if bees lived in an environment that was natural and free of many toxins. With a lot of research, Joe found the perfect spot to gather the bee’s substance. He developed a “golden capsule” that restores people’s energy. All of Joe’s research proved that this closely organic food source was loaded with every sort of nutrition a body needs. To learn more about this energy source, call 877.300.5632. Live well and let BEE!

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