Common Bee Pollen Benefits

All bee pollen offers some benefits to regular users. People have known that for centuries. This is how Joe’s Blumenstein journey into the JOEBEES business began. He found that common bee pollen produced an improvement in his energy levels and overall feeling of well being. Joe reasoned that a truly pure, additive-free bee pollen would be an even better choice for discriminating, health conscious users, himself included.

He knew that people are becoming more aware and demanding about additive free products. It stands to reason they would feel the same way about an all natural, free range offering of bee pollen if it were available. As Joe B has often said, “Helping other people is the very best currency in life.” His quest to help others was now beginning.

Where do you find something so natural and pure? The answer, Joe found is the pristine forests of British Columbia. Here free-range bees gather their food and store in hives free from the impurities and harmful elements of more crowded environments.

Because many health conscious people are quite concerned about the purity of their food, an additive free alternative like JOEBEES makes a lot of sense.

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