All About Bee Pollen Benefits

Joebees, the all natural, golden capsules of pure bee pollen are trapped at the hives of free-range bees. It is truly one of nature’s wonder products, a full spectrum nutrient. By taking this life-changing, natural food regularly, you can begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle. See why Joe B has often said, “JOEBEES make me simply feel great,”

JOEBEES is simple food from the bee hive loaded with a full scope of natural minerals, proteins, aminos, enzymes and carotenes. It has been called nature’s perfect food for thousands of years. Bee pollen has never been replicated by man.

Bee pollen, gathered from the hives of bees in the pristine forests of British Columbia, the golden capsules are a repository of “Total Nutrition” that may help support every cell in your body.  All this from these wonderful golden capsules, and a 3 pronged attack of exercise, clean diet and good sleep.

It’s not magic; it’s just good sense.

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